photo: Magdalena Siwicka





Born in NYC, USA, 1985 to Polish immigrants, Michelle Tylicki is an artist and activist based between the UK and Portugal. She studied experimental film at FAMU in Prague, Czech Republic (2007) and graduated with a Master of Arts degree from ASP Gdańsk, Poland (2010). Since her thesis on ‘Art and Activism’, she has contributed to local, national and international campaigns focusing on radical system change. Her work promotes climate justice, animal rights, food sovereignty, racial justice, disability rights, sex workers’ rights, ending blasphemy laws, and reshaping the world as an anarchist utopia. She often takes part in creative direct action on the frontlines of these activist movements. In her art, Tylicki creates subversive graphic design to critique advertising (subvertising), utopian illustration for grassroots collectives, and short films about creative direct actions. She also explores physical theatre, producing and directing a climate clown wrestling troupe, and installation work, like the antifascist catapult and fridge full of 'humanely slaughtered' human meat. She lectures subvertising history and skill shares DIY aspects of ad-hacking.